Cat Boarding

Free from any cold bars or stainless steel, our comfortable Cat Condos feature many luxurious amenities for finicky felines, including separate resting and feeding/watering ledges, and privacy for the litter area. Our boarding services are especially perfect for your beloved cats who should not be left home alone.

Each floor to ceiling condo has 5 levels; the bottom one is for storage of the kitty's belongings. The next one up is for a private bath and litter box and a cubby hole for hiding. The top three are for sleeping, lounging, eating and watching TV. Some condos have a view outside where they can see the birds as well as the geese on there way to and from Lake Lowell. To accommodate a cat's innate desire to stretch and scratch, a sisal rope climbing post is contained within each unit. Some units have a connecting door to allow members of the same family to visit each other if unlocked.

I would love to pamper your pet while you are vacationing, traveling on business, showing your home for sale or for any reason. My staff and I are happy to provide personal attention to your kitty, while you are away ensuring your kitty a wonderfull experience.

A purr-fect home away from home for your cat.

Food and Toys

We will Provide everything for your cat but you may bring any favorite toys or family items from home, as long as they will fit within the condo. We will supply china food and water dishes, cat blankets, bedding and litter boxes, cat litter, toys and catnip as desired. We stock cat food from Costco wet and dry but gusts are encouraged to bring their own, to minimize any stress of being in a new environment.


$15 per day.

Recommended Check in time after 12:00 noon.

Check out before 2:30pm after 2:30pm will incur the daily rate of $18.00.

You must provide proof of vaccinations.

hour of business

Monday through Friday 8:00am-6:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

closed on Sunday

Any after hour services will incur an additional fee of $25.00


Once a cat is under our care, at any sign of any illness we will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact and then your veterinarian. If a real emergency occurs we will take your cat to the closest animal hospital to our facility. You are expected to cover the costs of any medical expenses incurred.

Since the facility is at my home, we monitor your kitty's heath and security continually.

We accept only healthy cats. Each cat must be current on inoculations and have seen a veterinarian for a check-up whithin the last year. Documentation is required and although we will accept only healthy guests, we will administer oral or topical medication for non-contagious conditions at no extra charge.